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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Lagos big boy posts girl's 'private part' online (photo)

Lagos big boy posts girl's 'private part' online (photo)
Kashy exposing girl's private part in a selfie.

Just few hours, a Lagos big boy identified as Kashy set social media ablaze, as he took to his Instagram handle to embarrass a young lady and his acclaimed lover, Adenike.

Kashy took to his Instagram to post a selfie of himself knowing fully well that, Adenike was in the picture. The picture which looked as if they had just finished ‘making love’ showed how the lady opened her legs wide as she revealed her ‘private-part’ to the camera.

The self-acclaimed Lagos big boy posted the picture with the caption: “Lol…. Upon all yo pride and personality, this is what u get wen u think u r just too perfect and think u can stunt on everyone cus your voodoo favour you. Drama queen…Wife material. All other girls are bitches but this is you…. What does this shit say about u Nike??”

For full picture Click here.

Only God knows what this girl must have done to this guy in order to deserve such humiliation but no matter what, the guy went too far!



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