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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

JUST IN: Dasuki fails to show up in court

For reasons that were not stated, Sambo Dasuki, former national security adviser (NSA), was absent on Wednesday at the federal high court, Abuja, where his trial for money laundering and illegal possession of firearms was scheduled to continue.
This prompted ‎Adeniyi Ademola, the judge, to order the federal government to produce the accused before the court on February 16. He said the accused person must be physically present to face the criminal charges against him.
“I am worried that the accused is not here. I do not want to set a bad precedent,” he said.
“Except the court gives express order for the defendant not to be in court, the accused must be brought to court from wherever he is.
The accused must be here because I am not sure if what I am doing right now in the absence of the accused is not an illegality.
“Government and whoever is concerned must endeavour to do the necessary thing. The accused, having been formally charged in court, must be produced in court for trial on the appointed days in compliance with provisions of the law.”
In the course of the proceedings, Dipo Okpeseyi, counsel to the federal government, withdrew an application seeking to stop Dasuki’s bail.
The court thereafter struck out the application.
Also, Okpeseyi filed an application seeking protection of witnesses in the trial of the former NSA, but Adeniyi ‎adjourned ruling on the application (for secret trial) and for the commencement of trial to February 16.
Dasuki is facing a four-count charge of money laundering and illegal possession of firearms brought against him by the Department of State Services (DSS).



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