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Monday, 25 January 2016

Lassa Fever Alert: The Cure and prevention found

In light of the spread of Lassa fever, which has claimed 63 people across the country in the last six months, Nigerians have been advised to avoid drinking garri.
Instead, they are advised to take the garri stirred in hot water – known as ‘eba’ in southwestern Nigeria.
Garri, a cassava product, is a staple ‘snack’ in Nigerian homes.
Speaking on the update of the hemorrhagic fever in Rivers state, Furo Green, chairman of Rivers state branch of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), said consumption of garri could expose one to the disease.
He explained that rats which carry the highly contagious virus are mostly in contact with garri.
“It’s advisable to stay away from garri because you are not sure which garri has been infected by rats,” he said.
“When you want to sip garri, you only pour cold water, add sugar and milk as the case may be.
“When you do that you only succeed in gulping a life virus that can cause Lassa fever. The virus is empowered easily to attack you.
“Rather, garri should be consumed in the traditional way: prepare it in well boiled hot water or pour the garri in a pot of boiling hot water and steer it.
“When you buy foodstuff like garri, pour it into a container that is covered to avoid the garri being contaminated by infected rats.”



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