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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Smell Like Rotten Apples? Could Be Diabetes: Your Body Odor Could Be Telling You Something

Everyone has their own “signature scent” 100% naturally. But according to recent findings reported by Mats Olsson, an experimental psychologist at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, sickly smells are something altogether different.
Certain scents may indicate sicknesses. For example:
  • People who smell like rotten apples could be diabetic.
  • Typhoid carriers have been known to emanate a baked bread aroma.
  • People with glandular disease reek of stale beer.
  • Even bad breath – chronic halitosis, not the onions you had in your lunch – is an indicator of some serious illnesses.
  • But when it comes to The Big C, cancer, only dogs can smell it.
The change from a person’s normal, everyday scent is thought to be caused by activation of the body’s inborn immune system. A person’s fragrance escapes not just from their skin, but their breath, blood, urine and subtle differences reveal just how healthy they are. “On average, people smell more aversive when they’re sick,” Olsson said.
Olsson tested the body’s immune reaction in people who were exposed to a disgusting smells, including tart cheese, fermented fish, and rancid yeast. He found slight increases in immune activity, indicating the subject’s bodies were gearing up for attack. “…Disgust is there to keep us healthy,” Olsson pointed out.



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