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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Photos Show Why Biafra Should Be Taken Seriously

For a few weeks now, agitations for the emancipation of the Biafran people have been going on in states within the southeastern region of Nigeria. Some are of the believe that there are mere protests, however, there are reasons to think twice.
The Indigenous People of Biafra on a peaceful protest over the arrest of the director of Radio Biafra on November 11 along Ikwerre road in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.
A closer look at historical facts, especially those related to the Biafra war which took place between 1967 and 1970, gives an insight as to why the ongoing protests for Biafra must not be taken lightly.
If you ever thought light of the issue, then take a second look at these photos and you will see reasons why the wave of Biafra protests is a big deal.
Radio Biafra
Those who are conversant with history will recall that the Biafra war was not just fought on the battle field, the media played a very great role in fueling and shaping the course of the conflict.
It was through the radio that both Nigerian and Biafran factions passed information about the progress of the war, lands lost and grounds reclaimed. It was over the radio that the soldiers’ spirits were buoyed.
Never forget that the radio could be a very great tool for propaganda. It is amazing what messages can be passed over the waves!
The radio is a great tool for propaganda.
Arrest Of Biafra Zionists
The Biafrans gave the excuse of being marginalised, brutally dealt with, especially in the North. The arrest of twelve supposed Biafra Zionists has proven to be one of the cause of provocation.
This excuse alongside that of the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, the Radio Biafra director, gave a rise to the current wave of agitations rocking the eastern part of the country.
There is also speculation of the corpses that were seen floating on the Ezu River in Anambra state.
The arrest of twelve supposed Biafra Zionists has proven to be one of the cause of provocation.
Biafra Protests In Foreign Lands
One great ploy by any people looking to secede is to draw the attention of the international community, this is one joker which the current Biafra activists are playing.
There have been protests across Europe, Asia, America and other continents, the Biafra activists are looking to get the United Nation’s attention on the issue.
They are trying to win the sympathy of the international community, a move that will really count if the attention is won.
                                                                     Biafra protest in the UK.
                                             Biafrans are seeking more international attention.
A Biafra activist tramples on the Nigerian flag in a foreign land.
Biafra National Identifiers
There must be symbols to identify a group of people as sovereign, hence the Biafran symbols and the national identifiers is the thing to take seriously.
It would be recalled that in the civil war Biafrans had their own currency and traded with it to a great extent.
The production of Biafra currency, flags, passports and emblems are the symbols that say a lot about the current protests. They give reasons to take the people more seriously and resolve the issue while it has not gone out of hand.
There must be symbols to identify a group of people as sovereign. The flags, passports and emblems are the symbols that say a lot about the current protests. They give reasons to take these people more seriously.
                                                             Biafra identity card
                               There are pictures of the Biafra passport, an issue to take seriously.

Violent Protests
Initially, the protests by the Biafra activists were all peaceful marches across streets and cities, now there are reports of people being injured and some ending up dead. This is a sign that these agitations might escalate, especially if certain demands by the protesters are not met, the demands like the release of the Radio Biafra director, Nnamdi Kanu.
recent protest by Biafra activists, which was held in Onitsha, saw the lock down of the Niger bridge, a case that quickly brings to mind that the bridge in question was blown-up in 1967 to stop the Nigerian troops from entering the Biafra territory during the civil war.
Many historians claim that the demolition of the bridge which links Asaba was a major setback to the federal troops’ incursion into the Biafran territory until the war ended in January 1970.
The Biafra protests within the southeastern region are close to becoming really violent.
A recent protest in Onitsha led to a shut down of the Niger bridge which links Anambra to Asaba.
Conscription Of Biafra Agitators
Most stories told about the Biafra war relayed how most Igbo people and many from the eastern region were conscripted into the Nigerian army. The stories narrate how the Biafran army held camps in schools compounds and church buildings, training the recruits to shoot with carved sticks.
The photos below show a similar trait, however, they only show a conscription into a Biafra agitator group, no gun training yet. However, it all forms a pattern, the circle goes on, giving cause for the nation to take these protests serious.
Young people are being conscripted into various groups geared at protesting for the Biafran course.
                                                     No gun training, but, who knows?!
The Biafra Army
In October 2015 there was a video which showed Nnamdi Kanu, the Radio Biafra director, soliciting for arms at an Igbo conference which was held in the United States.
They say there is no smoke without a fire, thus, if Kanu was seeking arms to fight Nigeria, then that might be linked to rumours that the Biafra army is currently being prepared.
The pictures of various people clad in uniforms supposedly belonging to the Biafra army, might seem like some child’s play, however, the fruit does not fall too far from the tree.
Until we know for certain that these rumours are speculation indeed, then we have a reason to worry that there may be great threats to the peace of Nigeria.
The pictures below are very cogent reasons why the Biafra protests and agitations must not be taken lightly.
Nnamdi Kanu strikes a pose with some alleged Biafra soldiers.
Beautiful Biafran ladies, clad in the uniform of the Biafra army, another reason for concern to the peace of Nigeria.
Here are some other photos post on social media which give more reasons why the Biafra protests in the southeastern region of Nigeria must be given proper attention.
The agitation for the liberation of Biafra continues, as both members of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), take their protest into Imo state on Thursday, November 12.



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