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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

PANIC!!! as two chimpanzees let loose in Jos zoo(PHOTOS)

According to Plateau News Online, the two male chimpanzees escaped from their cage situated in a zoo in the National Museum and Monument Complex in Jos, Plateau state, on July 12.

One of the two chimpanzees was reportedly caught soon after and returned to its cage, while the other has taken refuge in a tree near the zoo.

Chimpanzee stuck up a tree
One of the chimpanzees stuck up a tree

The Plateau state firefighters trying to rescue the chimpanzee
Confirming the development, the state wildlife board released a statement saying that firefighters are trying to re-capture the remaining chimpanzee.

Plateau fire service

Here’s what they wrote in the statement below:
“In the early hours of yesterday morning, two chimpanzees escaped from their cage and were harassing passersby at the premises of the Jos National Museum and Monuments, one of the chimps was successfully lured back into its cage while the other escaped running out of the Zoo premises and perching on a tree in a residential area located at west of mines neighborhood not far from the zoo premises. All efforts by the men of the Plateau State Fire Service to capture it alive proof abortive. After 8 hours of trying, one of the firemen climbed the tree and cut down the branch the Chimp was hanging on making it to fall then running into the grove close to the zoo. As at the time of this report, the Chimpanzee was nowhere to be found after disappearing into the thick bushes.”
See more photos below:
Chimpanzee hiding in the tree
The chimpanzee has taken refuge in this tree

Firefighters trying to rescue chimpanzee
Firefighters trying to rescue the chimpanzee

SOURCE: Plateau News Online



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