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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Minister Sacked for being drunk .... LOL

The embattled Minister for Home Affairs, Mr. Charles Kitwanga
The embattled Minister for Home Affairs, Mr. Charles Kitwanga

According to the press statement by Tanzania’s Presidential Press, Kitwanga’s appointment was nullified due to gross misconduct. His dismissal comes just days after he presented his ministry’s budget for 2016/2017.

The embattled Minister was said to have drunkenly answered questions posed at him about a situation concerning police housing in Tanzania. The question was asked by nominated MP from Chadema madam Suzan Kiwanga on behalf of another nominated MP from Chadema madam Devotha Minja, who sought to know how long the Ministry of Home Affairs would take to build houses for Tanzanian police officers, as well as building police stations.

Here is the exchange between Minister Kitwanga and MP Susan as reported by the Daily Nation:

“Susan: It has been 55 years in Kilombero District but police officers still lack housing while their counterparts in Mlimba State live in Tazara houses. How long should we give you to construct houses for police officers and build police stations?

Kitwanga: How old are you yourself? Do not ask the number of years it will take to construct police houses and police stations. Just believe we will construct them. You are my friend, so I can answer you as such.

Susan: Minister, you are showing off while answering my question (laughter in the chambers).”
The minister is also reported to have caused disturbance in the house after pacing across the floor and sitting on a seating preserved for another minister who was on the floor answering questions from members of parliament.

Lol, shayo nah bastard!



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