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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Fake Archbishop Says His Olive Oil Can Cure Cancer And HIV...Hmmmmm

Gilbert Deya calls himself the Archbishop of Peckham. Wikipedia refers to him as a fugitive wanted by the Kenyan authorities.
Deya has claims to do what the world has not...find a cure for cancer and HIV. At least, that's what he's selling to his church goers bottled up with his special healing additives. Deya sells the self-proclaimed annointed olive oil, which costs £1.99 in stores, but £5 from his church.
No word yet on if anyone has officially been healed...we're gonna go out on a limb here and say....don't wait for that.
So what's his story...why would people believe him? Deya apparently has a history of these sorts of things. After being ordained by the United Evangelist Church in Kenya, Deya moved to England in 1997 and proclaimed himself the Archbishop of Peckham, a deprived area in South London.

(photo: The Sun [UK])
His Gilbert Deya Ministries, which he claims has more than 36,000 members, is not without controversy. They were recently busted distributing poorly spelled leaflets proclaiming the power of their Olive Oil to cure cancer. According to London’s Daily Mail Newspaper, Deya claims the “power of God” helped him give the oil “magical properties.”
In 2004, Deya was accused of child trafficking after providing “miracle babies” to infertile couples. After DNA tests refuted his wife Mary’s claims that the children were hers, she spent two years in jail.



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