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Thursday, 18 February 2016

5 Most Beautiful Cities in Africa to visit.

1. Cape Town – South Africa

This is South Africa’s second largest city. It is best known for its beaches, wine farms, and mountains. The main attraction in the city is the Table Mountain. Tourists usually make it a point to get on top of it through a cableway in a bid to view the whole metropolis from a vantage position. Speaking of its metropolis, expect to see a city that is alive with energy, colours, and creativity.

2. Johannesburg – South Africa

The city of Johannesburg also known as Joburg, Jozi or Egoli is the number one centre of economy amongst all the other African cities mentioned. Because of this, it is easy to expect the city to be highly urbanised and developed. However, it is laden with natural beauty too. In fact, there are about 6 million trees all over the city and its suburbs. Tourists would love walking along its avenues that are lined with a diverse mix of restaurants, fashion, and art. Stunningly Awesome and very beautiful indeed!

3. Abidjan – Ivory Coast

Abidjan is the largest city in the Ivory Coast. It may not be the capital of the country but it is its centre of commerce. You can find wide streets and green parks all over the city but these are not its only attractions. It has a great number of museums and art galleries that will entice the artistic minds. Other popular tourist attractions in Abidjan are the St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Banco National Park, and the Amani Gallery.

4. Nairobi – Kenya

If you want to enjoy the wildlife within the city, then Nairobi is the perfect place to be. This is the largest city in Kenya and it boasts the Nairobi National Park, which is the home of lions, rhinos, hippos, and other wildlife. It is not all about animals, though. There is also the Nairobi National Museum for people who want to learn more about Nairobi’s history, and the Kazuri Factory, which is the one-stop shop for souvenirs. One of those African cities you have to visit on your next trip to Africa.

5. Port Louis – Mauritius

Port Louis was once considered the star of the Indian Ocean. This is Mauritius’ capital and business centre. Therefore, expect a busy city, but everything changes once the sun sets. People will start flocking at popular market places and at the Caudan Waterfront for a night of relaxation and fun with friends. Tourists will enjoy the historical buildings in this city and you will learn a lot of the Mauritian cultures here too.



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