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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A Dying Pregnant woman got Saved by the God her mum Serves

The raging argument about whether there is truly a God or not is as old as mankind itself, and it is not about to cease abruptly. Ask the atheists!
But even within the Christendom, there is this subtle argument about the genuineness of miracles; and although the one she is laying claim to, happened outside the church, Golden Girl, from Nassau, New Province, is unlikely to entertain such arguments.
Her eldest daughter had visited her when she caught what they thought was flu. But by the time they arrived at the hospital, they found out the problem was far more complicated.
With a pregnancy that had “stopped breathing for four weeks”, a damaged heart, “poisoned” blood and “messed-up” kidneys, her daughter was on the verge of dying and she was admitted, unconscious, at the hospital for weeks – until “God” intervened with a miracle she describes on her Facebook page thus:
This is my oldest daughter, and as you can see she is a miracle. in September of last year she came to pay me a visit in Florida on a Saturday, and hours later she started sneezing and coughing and i said to her..girl you came all the way from Nassau to catch the flu?
Golden Girl 2
The lady… in the early days of her recovery

By the time Tuesday came she became worst. so we took her to the hospital thinking they would treat her for the flu and be sent home, not knowing we were headed for the worst. After seeing the doctor they decided to take a scan bcs they saw that she was pregnant and they notice that the baby was not breathing, and when did the Ultra Sound, they found out that the baby was dead, and estimated that the baby was dead about 4weeks inside of her, WOWW WAT A BLOW!..
This damaged her heart poisoned her blood, messed up her kidneys she became sepsis. We were told by the doctors that she needed a Heart Transplant, and a Kidney Transplant, that’s how bad it was BCS her heart was the first to get damaged. the first day I cried and then God touched my heart and said to me…GAIL WHY ARE U CRYING IF I WANTED HER DEAD SHE WOULD HAVE NEVER CAME TO VISIT YOU.
Golden Girl 3

Immediately my FAITH KICKED BACK IN. I took 8 weeks off from work and lived in the hospital with my daughter in ICU. As many Prayed, along with myself, i began to see the Hands of God move. She was on dialisys every day for 2-3weeks for 3-4 hours, those days began get lesser, she was in a comma as you can see in the Pic 3weeks straight without knowing where she was, she didnt even knew that she lost her baby.
After being in the hospital for weeks seeing her in that state one day i decided to go home for a one day break, while on my face praying i heard my phone ring and it was the nurse calling me telling me to come bcs my daughter opened her eyes and she didnt know where she was and that i must come!..
I immediately made my way there with Joy just to see her eyes open and she tried to talk but she was soooooo drugged up from all of the medication. as the days went by God hand was working mightily every day, we saw a miracle. This girl had tubes everywhere in her, and every day we saw God start moving a tube from her body. she had to learn how to walk all over again, had to go through therapy and u name it.
After leaving the hospital eight weeks later she went home with an IV in her hand to make sure medication was being applied to her Heart and she also had to wear a life vest everywhere she went in case if her heart fails it would shock her back to life. BUT LOOK AT HER NOW SHE IS COMPLETELY HEALED GOD TOOK EVERYTHING FROM OFF HER, SHE IS A FREE WOMAN, THE DOCS ARE SHOCKED…TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY…..THIS THE GOD THAT I SERVE…..I Glorify His Precious Name. Thank you all for the Prayers.
Well, this “miraculous” story is attracting hundreds of thousands of shares on Facebook. To God be the glory? Or to the doctors?



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