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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Hello!!!! Adele Tells Donald Trump to Stop Playing Her Music at His Rallies

Donald Trump... if you want to "Make America Great Again" Adele suggests you do so… without her music!

Global pop star, Adele, has fired Donald Trump. After Trump played a few of her greatest hits at his recent rally, an Adele spokesperson made a public statement on her behalf. Apparently, Adele would like the world to know that she never approved the release of her songs for any "political" purpose.
In other words, just like Trump's remark for a Hispanic reporter to "Go back to Univision," Adele would like him to go back and get another musician to play at his rallies. Serves him right!
Adele is not the only singer to take a stand against Trump using their tunes during his campaign. Steven Tyler and Neil Young have also told the reality star turned Republican presidential candidate to cease and desist.
Maybe "The Donald" can find the music Hitler played while he ran. Surely, they wouldn't have an issue.



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