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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

OMG!!! Hear What this lady sings about Nigerian Girls'(Video/Photo) #PrincessVitarah

I don't know who she is but she calls herself Princess Vitarah..and she shot a video talking about Nigerian babes vagina, saying it's the tightest and cream of the crop. Lol. Is she for real? She sang;

"Nigerian p***y is the tightest, Kenya p**y is not! Nigerian p***y is the softest, it's the cream of the crop. Naija p***y make a nigga wanna pay. I got it off the shelf and he bought it right away. I'll make you fall in love, you will put nothing else above, and now we are rolling in the car that you bought me yesterday." 
I dont know how real this is cos i have not been to Kenya, so.....

Watch the video and learn lol- 



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