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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Man Jumps into Lion's Den and Survive the Attacks

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Crazy people do unexpected things. This man, for instance, jumped in the lion’s den and sat there, while the predators have attacked and bitten him. A shocking video!

This Asian guy is 46 years of age. He has been on the drugs for a while and his addiction turned to be more dangerous than he expected. He went to the Taipei (Taiwan) zoo to enjoy the wild nature and got wild instead.

He jumped down and took off his jacket. Who knows what he thought the lions would do. But the animals were quite predictable. The male lion attacked the man.

Being hurt by the lion, the man does not even try to escape. He sits on the border instead and waits for the next attack to happen. And here it goes! The lion is a bit confused, but it uses its huge and lethal teeth and claws on the enemy.

Zoo workers got ready to save the crazy dude. Watch to see what happened during this risky saving operation. It’s a terrifying sight and no mistake!

They really had a hard time getting the man out of the lion den. It was easier for the rescuers to make a deal with the lions!



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