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Sunday, 6 November 2016

INTERESTING!!! Marriage Ends because of Black Hijab


Azanat Bashiru woman has refused to stay in her marriage

A woman has asked for divorce because she refused to stay in purdah after marriage.

According to reports, a woman identified as Azanat Bashiru, has asked a court in Ilorin, Kwara state, to dissolve her marriage to her husband of two years, because she doesn’t want to stay in purdah.

Azanat who got married in 2014 and already has two children with her husband Mumin Bashiru, complained that her husband never told her that she would endure the practice, before she agreed to become his wife.

According to Islam, the purdah practice requires married Muslim women to stay in separate rooms, behind a curtain or dress in all-enveloping clothes, in other to say out of the sight of men or strangers.

Azanat told the judge:
“This is not in our agreement. I cannot be covering my body with black cloth, including my eyes, all of the time.’’

Demanding the custody of their children, Mumin said: “If she doesn’t agree to be in purdah, she is free to go.’’

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