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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Kenyan women use rabbit urine to increase libido (VIDEO)

Kenyan women are now going crazy over rabbit’s urine
Lately, Nairobi women have been on a rush to spice up things in the bedroom. No one can clearly explain why but seems like women are desperately trying to enjoy love making like never before.

Recently, news of ladies buying and selling clear ‘stones’ on various online platforms in an effort to tighten their petunia shocked many. Turns out the ‘stones’ were Crystal meth, a highly addictive drug that is illegal both in Kenya and many parts of the world.

Now, word has it that rabbit’s urine is the latest commodity that ladies are aggressively looking for since it can serve the same purpose. And the market is already booming.

Kenyan women are now going crazy over rabbit’s urine

Using social media and free online classifieds selling platform OLX, Kenyans have been making and selling the urine which goes for KSh 100 liter.

According to the sellers that SDE spoke to, women love it because “Is not only good for helping women tighten their ‘pits of pleasure’, it is a sure-fire to help men boost their immune system, fire up their libido and make the aging ones more virile.”

Kenyan women are now going crazy over rabbit’s urine
Last week, news of women rushing for Strepsils also become a trending topic as many were filled with curiosity after word emerged that it can steam things up in the bedroom.
It was just another example of the extent Nairobians are willing to go to have fun in the bedroom.
Watch this educative clip on how rabbit urine can be also used below:

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