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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

DeVon Franklin Says He Was Celibate 10 Yrs Before Marrying Meagan Good... Could You Hold Off On Sex 'Til Marriage?

How far would you go to ensure you were getting into the right relationship?
In a interview with CBS, DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good explain their theory on why saving sex for marriage is a major key to making a relationship work! They go even more into detail in their new book, The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding Love of Your Life and the Life You Love, which is set for release today (Feb. 2). The couple themselves made a commitment to wait until they were married back in 2012.
DeVon, a filmmaker and preacher, was inspired to remain celibate 10 YEARS before he was married to Meagan. "I didn't want to live two lives. At the time I wasn't practicing celibacy, but I was still talking about it, and I said, 'You know, I have to be the man that God called me to be,’” he said. “And part of that was taking this vow and waiting until marriage and when I started doing that it gave me discipline that helped me in every other area of my life.”
Throughout the interview, the couple gave tips on how to make a relationship work in addition to waiting. They stressed the importance of getting to know yourself, and getting to know each other beyond just the infatuation phase. They also acknowledged other ways to be intimate besides just sex, including talking, hugging, and kissing. Just a little something without hitting the bedroom!
Meagan herself decided to commit to celibacy after she filmed Jumping the Broom (where she first met DeVon), feeling empty emotionally and spiritually. "I decided this is what I need to do for me, because I need to heal and I need to focus on myself and I need to advance myself in every area of my life without the distraction of feeling... that I need this man,” she admitted.
Their beliefs raised the obvious question. “If you don’t have sex before you’re married, how do you know that you’re not compatible?” an interviewer asked. “When you have a foundation of love, friendship, and trust, and then you get into sex, you actually now have a foundation to explore each other,” DeVon explained. “What we also find is that, when you say ‘Hey, I want to find out if we have sexual chemistry right now, sometimes that sexual chemistry creates imbalance because you can have great sex but no love.”
Check out their full interview with CBS below!
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