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Monday, 1 February 2016

Drive By Shooting Takes the Life Of This 22-Month-Old Baby Boy

Tragedy hit Jacksonville, Florida, on Friday around 6 p.m. when 22-month-old Aiden Michael McClendon was shot and killed in a drive-by gang shooting.
Aiden, his mother, and his grandmother were waiting in their car in front of a house near the Jacksonville Jaguars football stadium when a white vehicle drove by, spraying bullets toward the house and the innocent victims. Three bullets struck 22-month-old Aiden in his shoulder and abdomen. His family rushed him to the emergency room. Sadly, it was too late. He died the next morning at the hospital.
Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams put out a statement saying that the shooting was gang related, but neither Aiden nor his family members in the vehicle with him, were the intended targets.
“The only one hit in this entire barrage of bullets was this little 22-month-old,” said Jacksonville’s Chief of Investigations Tom Hackney. “This little boy, Aiden Michael McLendon, has got my prayers tonight.”
This is just one of many tragic examples that make people ask…when is the violence going to stop? Thirteen people have been murdered in Jacksonville just this January.
The city was originally offering $3,000 for any information that lead to the arrest of the people responsible for Aiden’s death. Local business leaders pitched in, pushing the reward up to $20,000. Hopefully that will help the authorities catch the criminals whose senseless murder cut Aiden’s young life short.
“Turn these people in,” Hackney said in a press conference. “They don’t deserve to be walking the same streets that you and I walk.”



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