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Monday, 1 February 2016

Get Rich: Google Paid This Man Over $12 Million For Owning For Exactly 1 Minute

Google finally came out with the exact dollar amount they paid former employee Sanmay Ved for owning the “” domain name for exactly one minute…you may want to take a seat before finding out how big a paycheck Ved got.
But first, some background: Ved was messing around last September, looking at Google’s website buying service Google Domains, when he saw that was up for sale. Naturally, he didn’t believe his eyes…especially when he saw that it only cost $12. It’s important to remember here that is the most used website domain in the entire world, so of course he bought it. And to his surprise, the purchase went through.
His ownership of the most valuable domain name ever didn’t last for long though. Google took it all back in a minute.
And this week the company finally spilled on how much they paid Ved…three months after this all went down. So what’s the per-minute rate of owning A whopping $12,012.26.
The original price Google was going to pay was $6,006.13 though, and the reasoning behind that is just as nerdy as you might expect from a tech company: 600613 spells out “GOOGLE” in numbers (6 = G, 0 = O, 1 = L and 3 = E).
Ved said that he was going to give all the money to charity (which charity was never specified), and Google upped the ante by doubling the amount.
So if you or someone you know has been looking for a good get-rich-quick scheme….it’s hard to beat $12,012.26 a minute.



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