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Monday, 1 February 2016

"I Don't Do That"...Kanye West Responds to Amber Rose's "Butt Play" Tweets - #kanyewest, #wizkhalifa, #amberrose

Most of you have seen the tweets exchanged between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa over these last few days, but it was Amber Rose's responses that shut everything down.
This twitter beef was essentially built off of a misunderstanding on Kanye's part, after he thought that Wiz was talking smack about his upcoming album (Swish, Wave, or whatever it ends up being in the end). Well, Amber took it upon herself to put the nail in the coffin with one tweet that caught everybody off guard.

Shortly after this, Kanye deleted all of his tweets and seemed to find some chill for a brief moment. Of course, it's Kanye, so a response was coming soon enough. His response? "I don't do that."

There you have it folks. According to Kanye, he's not down with the butt play. Then again, we weren't there so...

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