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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

AMAZING! A Nigerian Student Build Helicopter with Scraps (PHOTOS)


Mubarak Abdullahi born in Kaduna builds helicopters in his house.

According to the information shared by APC TV via its social media page, the locally built helicopter has the ability to fly up to seven feet.

Amazingly, the 25 year old student built the helicopter using scrap aluminium and parts from a Honda Civic, an old Toyota and from the remains of a crashed Boeing 747.

It is not known if Abdullahi has prior knowledge in engineering but his construction is commendable.
See photos below:



Abdullahi’s feat is a step above Paul Onah’s own who similarly constructed a helicopter using local materials.

The interest was on Onah and the details of how the semi-literate man built the helicopter was reported. The results from the follow up story shows that the machine has now been painted. The only remaining thing is for the Benue-state born welder turned inventor is to get more technological expertise on how to make the helicopter fly in the air eventually.



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