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Thursday, 21 July 2016

BREAKING NEWS: PDP Senators visit Goodluck Jonathan (PHOTOS)


Since the former president handed over power to Muhammadu Buhari after he was defeated in the presidential election in 205, he has not been seen actively participating in the activities of PDP.

The PDP has also been rocked by leadership tussles and controversies with two factions battling for the chairmanship position of the party.

Jonathan since handing over to Buhari has focused on building his Goodluck Jonathan Foundation and was noticeably absent at the PDP’s convention.

Perhaps in a move to make the former president an active member of the party, the Senators paid a visit to him although details of the visit have not been made public yet.

The former president has however insisted that he has no plan to contest for the presidency in 2019 so it is unlikely the meeting has anything to do with making him the party’s presidential candidate for 2019 election.

The visit by the senators generated reactions from Nigerians. While some commended the move and exalted Jonathan as a true statesman, others described him as a man who allowed corruption to flourish in the country.

See photos and reactions below:




Enoch Aperaga wrote: GEJ..the true face of democracy. We miss you so dearly we are really suffering under the draconian military rule of the senseless, brainless, certificate less, and clueless Islamic jihadist.”

Bishop James described the former president as a hero: “Hero of our time. Mr. President GEJ, a woman will not know how sweet is her first husband until she marries another man.”

Malo Isa said: President Jonathan man of peace Good Nigerians are seriously missing you.”
Henrico Fayol: The man whose ambition isn’t worth the blood of any Nigerian. The advocate of one man, one vote, one woman, one vote and one youth, one vote…

Desmond Frank berated the senators for visit Jonathan: All of u are fulls, u guys should go to Aso Rock an bring him out na. jobless people, GEJ was good why did he fall? one think i knw is that we want a better Nigeria an not GEJ. for 8years in office wat did he do for South south? his work was to come to Akwa Ibom every week.”

Umar Mohammed: The dumbest president Nigeria has ever had… Always drunk on duty … Had no control over his cabinet ministers and his wife… Squandered all our rainy days funds and now everyone is feeling the pinch.. Couldn’t even change the life of his people from the Niger delta.. GEJ should go back into hiding, because it’s a shame for him to be seen in public”



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