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Thursday, 15 December 2016

5 awesome benefits of being single

Being single is bliss
Often times, we are made to believe that people in relationships are happier than everyone else because they get to fall in love and do all those fun things.
But have you ever thought of the freedom of not having to share details of your life with anyone?
In today’s increasingly modern world, being single can be a cherished state of mind – and here are five things you can enjoy.
Endless possibilities
When you are single, you are free of obligations, restraint and are less cautious when trying to mix with the other sex.
You can decide to hang out with friends of a different sex and have immense fun (and possibly go overboard) without feeling guilty or being extremely careful.
When single, your possibilities are endless and you can do anything you want to do.
No second-guessing yourself
When in a relationship, you have to consider the impact your actions will have on your better half.
You have to take into consideration their feelings and reception of certain decisions you may want to make or things you may want to do.
When single, you don’t have to worry if your partner will approve or not. You are your own army, do as you like.
Do nothing against your will
Relationships demand occasional sacrifices and compromises.
You may not be a “nightclub person” but because your partner loves to hang out at night, and obviously won’t want to go alone, you’d be compelled to tag along.
If you are single, you can decide to go to the beach whenever you want and stay indoors and Netflix endlessly if that’s what you desire.
You have no one else to make happy but yourself.
You can be totally honest
We have all been in situations where we have had to give false compliments, lie about our whereabouts and give misleading status updates.
Many do it because they don’t want their other half to be unhappy or insecure, hence, they’d rather lie for the sake of peace.
Single people can be totally honest because they owe no one any explanation.
Time to work on yourself
With the stress of the job and daily life, time for self-development is something not everyone can afford.
However, single people can take out time to reflect on past affairs, advance themselves, have time for friends and prepare for future relationships.



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