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Thursday, 14 April 2016

10 Signs a Lady will soon lose her Virginity

Firstly, it should be established that there is no stipulated time for a lady to lose her virginity or desire to have se x for the first time. However, the things she does at that time and period would determine how soon the act would take place.

Losing one’s virginity is a big deal to most people; it is something that is bound to happen at one point or the other in someone’s life. There is therefore, no need to fret or beat oneself for the erratic thoughts that flash across a person’s mind regarding this.

Every woman who has never had se x before worries to a fault about se x and how enjoyable the experience would be, some have their expectations met the very first time while many are disappointed. Having a memorable first time is dependent on the circumstances that lead to the act.
Without wasting much time, let’s examine some of the signs that suggest a lady would soon lose her virginity:

1. Knowledge about STDs and STIs

A lady who is a virgin and has suddenly made it her concern to learn about se xually transmitted diseases is preparing herself for the future. She is equipping herself with the necessary information towards the time she finally gets to do it.

She wants to know how best she could experience the pleasure that comes with consummation while playing safe.

2. Heightened desire

When a virgin suddenly starts to ask questions about se x, the experience, the dangers and the duration, she is planning something big in that line. It is natural to be inquisitive; but when this curiosity reaches a peak as a result of many people doing it around her, she is bound to want to explore.

3. Peer pressure

Finding a virgin who moves with girls who have had se xual experiences is tough. She only remains a virgin for a short time if they are her long term friends. Ladies open conversation about se xual tales and the virgin in that gathering may be set up or lured into having se x.

4. Interest in contraceptives

Contraceptives are common with people who have se x regularly without the intention of getting pregnant. When ladies who claim to be virgins start talking to doctors or pharmacists about pills and their effectiveness, they are probably about doing it.

Why would you want to learn about contraceptive methods when you are not carrying out a research work on them?

5. When in a demanding relationship

Happy couple lying in bed together
A lady’s days of being a virgin gradually thins out when she is in an active relationship where she strives to make her partner happy at all cost.

The dramas often experienced in relationships may push a virgin out of her shell. A virgin with a demanding partner may lose her virginity just to keep the relationship.

6. Adult movies

When virgins watch movies that are erotic, they get tempted
A virgin who prides herself in seeing romantic movies may be making her subconscious think of se x in a wild way. Moreover, having a romantic partner who is touchy and expressive may hasten the process and make her want to have se x.

7. Shades of emotion

Many ladies react to frustrations in different ways. When freaked out, some ladies feel lots of adrenaline pumping in their veins and take steps that they ought not to take.

Virgins in relationships feel frustrated many times and start to think what the hell, they prepare their minds to do it and get it over with.

8. Presence of trusted partners

Most ladies remain virgins as long as possible because they keep meeting men they have non trust in. They have feelings that the guys would leave as soon as they sleep with them.

Finding a partner who proves himself worthy could lay the fears of a virgin to rest and make her want to give him her most prized possession at that moment.

9. Fantasies

Many young ladies love to read lots of books. Romance is a big deal to them. While mills and boons may be many girls’ favorite, it also opens up an inner desire to transform into a fictional character with a handsome prince.

Books like these feed virgins minds’ with lust; they yearn for emotional stability and want to be touched in some sensitive parts that would eventually make them free from being virgins.

10. The doctrines they grow up with

If you grow up in an environment where se x before marriage is preached daily, the thoughts of having se x may be pushed back each time they surface. Virgins who have people who do not see anything wrong in having se x before marriage and defiling the marriage bed may be prompted to have se x.

When age is being used to determine the time a lady should have se x, a virgin in that environment may not remain one for a long time.



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