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Monday, 8 August 2016

IMPORTANT: 6 Prayers Never to Fail saying Daily

6 basic things you should include in your porayers daily

There is the need to be prayerful and fortify oneself from the various plots and plans of the enemy. A little child born into the world has enemies not to talk of adults who can talk and move about.

The swaying of your hips could cause people around you to be envious, the jokes you throw around could be a reason why you may be hated. Being wealthy is another reason why people could pick on you and decide to make your life miserable.

Now, no one is going to force a religion on you; as far as we are concerned, these religious beliefs are simply put in place in order to help people take the path that is good. Prayers shield us from the dark forces that tend to pull us back in our journey of life; they guide us and thwart the plans of the enemies at the same time.

It is important for you to be prayerful as you cannot continue to rely on luck every time. There are lots and lots of testimonies shared by people who have made praying their habits.

Find below the basic points you should include in your prayers daily:

1. Pray for the safety of your loved ones

As much as you love your family members, it would be unrealistic for you to prevent them from going out. They would have to go to school, hang out with friends and do things that we would consider age appropriate.

You cannot protect them from the ills of the society; the best you could ever do for them is to include them in your prayers daily.

This would help them get through each day and protect them from the arrows of the enemies. Sometimes, accidents happen and some people get out unhurt as a result of the prayers offered by their loved ones.

2. A prayer for protection

Sometimes, we feel lost and a little bit disoriented; some people feel scared when they are alone as they constantly have an unsettling feeling that something could happen to them.

You should try adding this point to the list of things you want to talk to God about in prayers. It is important for you to ask the divine being to protect you from the dangers that may be lurking behind.

A prayer like this would help you stay positive as you go on with your daily plans and activities.

3. Pray for mercies and grace

As brave and hardworking as you could be, you need God’s mercies and grace upon your life. You did not create yourself; you need God’s grace to speak for you in certain areas of your life.

Grace is unmerited favour; this explains why some people get picked over thousands of people who are more qualified. Mercy is deliverance from judgement; this could be responsible for you having all the good things of life despite being a sinner.

You should always ask for these two things in prayers; stop relying on your efforts and commitments. God could bless your little effort by making you have bigger yields.

4. Pray for your relationships

As beautiful as love is, it has its challenges. You should mak it a habit to pray for your loved ones. Include them in your prayers and ask God to let his will be done in your affairs.

Lots of people would have been saved from being brokenhearted if they had prayed about that relationship. Do not get swayed by emotions; do not let feelings take the place of God.

Seek His face first before you venture into any relationship. Also, never stop praying for the relationships that have been established.

5. Pray for forgiveness

You cannot abide in sin and expect grace to grow; you have to make it a habit to always seek God’s forgiveness everyday.

One thing that makes us mortals is the fact that we are not perfect. We sin knowingly and unknowingly; our tongues and bodies cause us to sin.

Asking for forgiveness of our sins should be the first thing we should do while praying. It is only after this that you can make your requests known.

6. Give thanks in prayers

As human beings, we get weary when someone keeps taking from us without ever giving us anything in turn. God is not asking for much, only praises.

Learn to give Him thanks at all times. Thank Him for the answered and unaswered prayers; appreciate Him for His goodness and watch Him answer your prayers.



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