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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Habits that help older people sleep better

Finding easy sleep at old age | TheCable Lifestyle
Several studies have shown that sleep becomes harder as we get older, especially when one gets to the age of fifty and above.
This is often caused by abrupt waking up during the night and early morning rising.
James Goodwin, chief scientist at Age United Kingdom, says that “sleeping is something we all tend to take for granted, but we really have to wise up to the fact that getting the right amount of good sleep is crucial as we age, helping to protect us from all kinds of problems that can affect our brains as well as our bodies”.
To stay healthy at old age, experts have put together habits to inculcate.
Limit your afternoon naps
To have a good night rest, doctors have advised that if need be, reduce your afternoon naps to less than thirty minutes.
Wear bed socks
Go to bed with socks to keep your feet warm and comfortable all night long.
Don’t drink coffee after lunch time
Take coffee in the morning if you really must, but don’t take after lunch time. The effect might not wear off when you need to sleep.
Avoid taking sleeping pills
If not prescribed by a physician, avoid using over the counter sleeping pills.
Don’t sleep with pet in the same room
Do away with anything that would disturb your sleep at nights, don’t sleep with your pets if they may disturb you.
Don’t quarrel with your spouse before going bed
Just what it means, avoid arguments with spouse or partner before going to bed.



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